Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

While rowing is one of the most effective methods of training for an excellent cardiovascular fitness and strength, it is necessary to mention that unless you have the right equipment you will not be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of the physical activity. Luckily, you will find out about a tool that meets and even surpasses the rowing machine industry standards, namely the Stamina Orbital with free motion arms. Let’s go over this rowing machine’s noteworthy features.

Features of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

  • The Orbital is compact, measuring 32.5 inches in width, 48 inches in length and 27 inches in height.
  • Compared to other rowing machines in the same price range, this model is light, weighing about 47 pounds.
  • Orbital is able to support a 250 pounds, although some users weighing more than that have been able to train safely.
  • It integrates a smooth hydraulic piston resistance.
  • This fitness equipment incorporates 5 different types of resistances on each handle.
  • Because the resistance level can be easily altered via sliding and tightening the tension adjusters located in the arms handles, the machine is an excellent choice for both beginner and advanced users.
  • The thick padded seat ensures an elevated level of comfort , particularly on the moderate and long rows.
  • The deluxe ball-bearing roller as well as the precision aluminum beam provides an excellent, smooth motion.
  • While the machine itself does not fold, the arms can be slid together whenever you need to store the rowing machine.
  • In the eventuality that you want to augment the difficulty of your workout, one alternative is to increase the beam inclination.
  • Stamina Orbital includes an one-button LCD monitor which can be found at the bottom of the rower.
  • The multi-functional display monitor allows you to track all the basic data you might need during a training session, including stroke count, speed, time, calories burned or the distance.
  • Stamina provides 90 days coverage for the moving parts, while the frame benefits from a 5-year warranty.


The Stamina Orbital rowing machine comes with a smart design, quality build and advanced tech, all at a very affordable price. Consequentially, it has received a great deal of positive reviews from happy customers who have granted it a high rating on Amazon and specialty websites, namely 4.5 stars out of 5.


While the resistance type of the Stamina Orbital is based on hydraulic pistons, it is necessary to highlight the fact that the free motion arms feature is what makes this piece of fitness equipment shine. In the eventuality that you have used a rowing machine before, then you probably know that the movement of your arms is synchronized during this activity. In other words, when you extend and contract your legs your hands will pull the handles together and respectively, push them away.

Stamina 1215However, with this rowing machine the synchronization of your arms is not necessary, so you could add complexity to your training if you want to. In fact, the integrated 5 different resistance levels for each of the handle address people who are engaged in their workout program and need to increase the difficulty of their training gradually.

Moreover, while you might not find this particular feature very useful at first, soon enough you will come to realize just how much it could spice up your workouts, especially since numerous people complain about the dullness of the plain rowing motion.


It is necessary to mention that most customers agree that the Orbital mostly addresses advanced users and it can be rather tough for a person who is interesting in trying out rowing for the first time. Although the Orbital might not be suited for a beginner, there are numerous other rowing machines from the same manufacturer that are especially designed for entry level, such as the Body Trac Glider and the Stamina 1250 models for instance.


While it is true that you will not be able to check your Facebook status or download music on the Orbital during your training, it is necessary to point out that this rowing machine does its job perfectly. Moreover, it is available at a price nearly three times lower than other rowing machines with similar features.